New York City 2013, ceramic spray can sculpture by Jesse Edwards

Blue and white painted on ceramic

Ceramic spray canned sculpture painted in the year 2013 by Jesse Edwards. The sculpture is painted in blue and white in an old English font. It was painted in New York City and in the tradition of blue-and-white pottery.It has platinum and gold luster glazes as well as a ceramic ball so when it is picked up it rattles. Signature on the bottom area. The spray cans are an important collections across America and have been exhibited in numerous art galleries.

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Jesse Edwards is an oil painter, contemporary artist working in a variety of mediums. These mediums mainly are include ceramics and oil paint. Life drawing is a core value to his art. Jesse started as a juvenile doing graffiti art and went to art school to receive a formal training in classical oil painting and an informal education in ceramics from knowledgeable professionals.