Jesse Edwards video at Diane Rosenstein, please click link Edwards art at Diane resident gallery. Diane Rosenstein, Jesse Edwards, graffiti art, Los Angeles,thank you for taking time to watch the video of Jesse Edwards oil paintings that the Diane Rosenstein gallery in Los Angeles. Diane Rosenstein is a contemporary art gallery and they show ceramics and contemporary oil paintings. I also exhibited a number of ceramic televisions there was three themes that I exhibited in this show. The main room had house of cards and cowgirls. The body of work is cohesive. The cohesive bond that runs through the work is anchored by the centerpiece of the 6 x 5′ oil painting of the nude girls printed out on cards forming a card house. This sculpture is then re-create it with the traditional cards with face cards and and numbers with a ceramic card house then there is a number of other works which feature nudity such is a ceramic television with two women fornicating while on men. I guess they are fornicating together and the piece is called double reverse cowgirl. I believe that is the sexual position reverse cowgirl. To complement this piece there is a triptychof three nudes call triple cowgirl. I think Kim Kardashian and Kanye west attended the exhibition. They are very interested in art and a number of other Los Angeles celebrities popped up at the show. In the back the three cohesive works are hung together but either concept the flickering lights. In one there is a lighter the other a small stature liberty with a torch a blazing and the third there is a lighter.

Works in my

Hello, thank you for checking me out today. I am showing a number of ceramic and oil painting works in Los Angeles at the dyad Rosenstein gallery. There are three different spaces where I am showcasing by work and our thematically organized. The first space upon entering the gallery to the right is a grouping of nine Mickey Mouse themed ceramic televisions. There is pardon me eight I mean. There are four larger pieces which are 11 x 17″ and four smaller ones at 11 x 14″. In the main room there is a number of works which are cohesive in the theme of card houses and nudity. There is a large nude card house which is 6.5 ad has a sister work to it which is an extension of space and a live model to the right. There is also a number of cars and houses ceramic and oil painted. And nude cards that are dilapidated as a house. One of the finest pieces is a ceramic card house. The final wall is a grouping of three work switch our piece together through the theme of flickering light. Each work has a flickering light and one where the other.Mickey Mouse, ceramic television, ceramic television by Jesse Edwards, contemporary ceramic artMickey Mouse, ceramic television, ceramic television by Jesse Edwards, contemporary ceramic artJesse Edwards exhibition of his art at Diane Rosenstein gallery, contemporary art in Los AngelesCeramic house of cards by Jesse Edwards, contemporary fine art, Diane Rosenstein gallery, delftware, contemporary delftware artOil painting of nude model, oil painting of cardhouse, courthouse new deck, contemporary nude or painting, fine art oil painting by Jesse Edwards, contemporary nude in figurative artJesse Edwards ceramic television, Diane Rosenstein  galleryNude card houses, courthouse oil painting, I oil painting by Jesse Edwards, nude contemporary art, fine art Diane RosensteinOil painting by Jesse Edwards, still life oil painting of magic mushrooms and butterflies, oil paint on linen, Diane Rosenstein gallery, oil painting from life, contemporary still life art

Recent paintings of nude cowgirls

Hello, thank you for checking me out. These oil paintings of cowgirls are what I am currently working on. I love the cowgirl imagery it represents a lot of other things. It’s also beautiful in and of it’s self. I am interested in doing more of these paintings in different poses. He’s oil paintings are on linen. I only use oil primed linen of the highest quality.

Nude oil painting of western wear

This is an oil painting I am working on. My studio is in Soho New York right now. This is an oil painting on linen, I use burnt sienna yellow ocher cobalt blue a very dark brown,. I also use a titanium white and ultramarine blue is useful as well and orange red. I like to use natural earthy colors but occasionally use cadmiums because of their intensity. I will apply transparent glazes after I thoroughly model the figure to the best of my abilities. The glazes will harmonize add luminosity and complexity of colors.Oil painting by Jesse Edwards, nude oil painting, nude cowgirl oil painting doneJesse Edwards oil painting, fine art oil painting, nude in modern Art, cowgirl oil painting

Hey how’s it going, photograph of nude card deck oil painting

Oil painting of nude card deck, house of cards oil painting. This is a image of a collapsed house of cards oil painting. This was painted in the year 2016 from life. I painted the still life from a house of cards I created from images found on the Internet and from an oversize card deck that I purchased off of It is oil paint on linen and the sizes for feet squared Kelsey just walked in and she’s looking very devious I don’t know if she was at work or somewhere else I will find out I think she didn’t buy hotdogs even though I asked her specifically to get hotdogs did you get hotdogs oh my god she’s trying to hurt me she’s hurting me she’s assaulting me how high the hot wire that was all voice translate ha ha ha ha ha ha hot

Oil painting on linen, unstretched oil painting of nude house of cards painted in the year 2016 by Jesse Edwards
Unstretched oil painting of a nude house of cards by Jesse Edwards